Too Many Bills?

Consolidate your high-interest debts into one low monthly payment!  Combine all your credit card debts, car payments, property tax arrears, loans into one – make only one payment each month.  Dramatically improve your cash flow!  Improve your credit score! 

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Tax Arrears? CRA Liens? Garnishments?

Clear up taxes owing – from this year and/or from previous years! Income Tax, HST, Corporate Tax, Property Tax! Pay the amounts owing, including penalties & interest, and make one low payment per month! Vastly improve your credit!

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Foreclosure? Power of Sale? Evicted by the Bank?

Stop the bank from seizing your home for non-payment of your mortgage! Even if the Bank has already had you evicted by the Sheriff, call to get back in your home – before it is sold!

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Consumer Proposal? Collections? Threatening Letters?

Pay off your consumer proposal, collections, past-due bills – vastly improving your credit score and normalizing your life!

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Bank Turned You Down?

Just because you do not qualify for a bank mortgage, does not mean you have to pay outrageous rates! Let us find you an affordable mortgage from our lengthy list of alternative lenders!

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