Testimonials – Many Thanks

Now that summer has passed, and we are all back to work – I thought I should update my ugly website into something a little more modern. So I have been asking some clients from the past 6 months if they would provide a testimonial that I could insert into the new website. It has been surprising how many have said yes, and I thank you all.

Private mortgages are a little different than regular mortgages. Usually there is some stress and calamity in the background. Health, divorce, unemployment – SOMETHING unforseen has happened whereby there is some financial hardship. And this hardship has brought about missed payments, collections, judgements, garnishments, Power of Sale.

Sometimes clients will say to me, “I don’t know how I ended up here. Everything was going so well.” But it often starts with a surprising event – a lost job, or an injury – and this triggers a chain of events, clients become overwhelmed, and 18 months later they are calling me to deal with the Bank getting ready to seize their home.

What I always try to stress to clients is that calling me was the first step back to the way it was before the problems. The private mortgage immediately makes things manageable, stops the vicious cycle of revolving late/missed payments, gets you back to lower stress and enjoying life. A year or two later, it will be mostly forgotten.

But the fact that so many clients associate me – arriving at the moment when if seemed like their lives were falling apart – with the solution to their problems not the cause, gives me considerable satisfaction. It helps me believe we are doing a few things right.

I have already communicated my gratitude to each of you privately – but I will also thank you here. I appreciate the kind words, as well as your willingness to provide them. Enjoy the sun.

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