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“Our house was under power of sale and the Sheriff had evicted us from our home. We were living in a motel and decided as a last attempt to call you. Right from the get go you were optimistic that he could find us an affordable loan that would help us get back into our home. You were with us every step of the way and found us a lender who was willing to accept us even though we both had a poor credit history and financial problems. I can’t begin to tell you the gratitude we both have for you. You are the best we have ever had the pleasure of dealing with and with your help we were able to get back into our house before the Bank was able to sell it. Thank you!”
“I was off work having knee operations, and we had to live off of credit as work was only paying 60% of my wage. The phone was ringing off the hook people looking for money. No-one would help. I thought I would have to sell the house. I called Gerry, and we signed a second mortgage that paid off a large portion of our debt, lowered our payments, and saved our house. Thanks Gerry!”
“I needed to switch lenders last year and wasn’t sure what to do. I found Gerry’s mortgage company online and called. We had a brief telephone discussion, and he guided me through the process with absolute ease. I have a 20 year history of working for one of the big 5 banks and I found Gerry’s knowledge impressive. He was never pushy and did not try to sell one particular product. He ended up getting me an exceptional rate on a 5 year fixed mortgage. He was always available on the phone or by email to answer my questions. I will use him again and have recommended Gerry to my parents and my sister.”
“Gerry has been a pleasure to deal with. He is understanding of all circumstances and is sensitive to both financial needs, as well as regularly following up with his client until every detail has been looked after. I would recommend Gerry to anyone who requires refinancing. He provides excellent service with a sunny personality.”
“Without any doubt in our mind, Gerry is definitely one of very few mortgage brokers in this country that will deal with you in the utmost professional manner, provide timely responses, and constant willingness to go above and beyond. PLEASE, save yourself time and money searching for the right broker, quick call to Gerry, quick return call from him, and you will not regret your decision…we know that are family certainly did not!
“We had $35,000 of high interest credit card debt. Payments were high, so we fell behind on our mortgage. I had just started a new job and we needed to free up some cash flow. Calling you was a great saver, especially compared to consumer proposal. Thank you!”
"After contacting Gerry and explaining our complex situation – low credit scores, CRA lien for unpaid taxes, bank refusals, problems finding a lender for a rural property on a septic – Gerry was confident he could help us and he did. In about two weeks he had secured us a mortgage at 3.6%. He worked hard and diligently, giving us great advice throughout the process. Thanks Gerry!"
The Kawarthas
“Gerry was very professional and courteous, had extensive knowledge of the options we had available to us for our recent mortgage refinance. He got us a better rate than our bank was offering us and took the time to explain everything. We will definitely be using Gerry in the future and we will be recommending his services to family and friends. Thanks again Gerry!"
“We had nearly $150,000 of credit card debt and were falling behind on our payments. The bank declined us because of our credit score and income. Gerry put together a deal that put all of our debts – both our existing mortgage and the $150,000 in credit cards into one, at a rate nearly as low as our existing bank mortgage. Thanks Gerry!”
“My family and I were in a rough financial position and I emailed Gerry to fix our issues. He was quick and very supportive during the process. I would recommend him to friends and family.”
“We were 5 months behind on our first mortgage with Royal Bank, 10 months behind on our second mortgage, and 18 months behind on our property taxes. The bank delivered a notice to our house at 8pm on a Friday night that they were getting ready to sell the house. We called Gerry Saturday morning. Within a couple weeks we had a new mortgage – and we caught up with both our Royal Bank mortgage and our property taxes. Gerry was with us every step of the way. Thanks for saving our house!”

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